No-till results after 2 and 3 years

After applying a non-till approach to these two adjacent lands at Ossa (upper and lower potklei) The lower potklei on the right was no-till for the last 2 years, whereas the upper potklei has been applied for the last 3 years. The grass densisty as well as its ability to absorb water is noticeable as shown in the imagee below. Recovery after grazing is also noticelby quicker in the Upper Potklei land (measured after 3 grazing cycles during the late summer, 2010 – Upper Potklei withdrawl was Jan 2011 – Lower Potklei withdrawl was February 2011).

Visible difference between 3 years and 2 years after no-till has been applied.

The picture below shows the pasture regrowth as at April 2011 as well as its ability to absorb high volumes of moisture (Had 1400mm since Dec 2010)

Lower Potklei pasture April 2011

Upper Potklei pasture density April 2011

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